Monday, December 28, 2009

How could I forget!!!???...

Well I am sorry fellow blogger's, I forgot to blog about our doctor visit. I went to the ER, after a few days of being here, just cause of some complications... I found out that everything is fine, and they took a sneak little peek of the sex of the baby and we are having another little boy!!! Luke and I are really excited to have two boys. So if anyone has any good names for us let us know.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Christmas Holiday!

Only being in our new place for a week, I tried to have as most Christmas Spirit as I could. We didn't have any Christmas Shopping done, which we still don't.....Anyways, this was a very chill Christmas, it was much needed to be that way. Most of our money was spent on the move, so we didn't do anything big. Luke and I got Eli, I mean Santa got Eli a "little tikes, Basketball Hoop." Which he loves!!! Christmas Eve we had the pleasure to have a nice chat with both sides of the family. My parents surprised the Family by publishing there first Children's Book called "Coral Cove and Rudy's Big Discovery." So that was fun too know, and there are also planning on finishing 3 or 4 more children's books by the end of next year. WOW! GO MOM AND DAD!!! Whoohoo!!! We also all three of us made Christmas Cookies, Eli loved putting sprinkle on the sugar cookies.
Christmas morning we all slept in till after ten, then I couldn't take it anymore, I woke everyone up. I was too excited! Eli had a ball putting the basketball in the hoop. Loved it! Also, it took him a little bit to figure out opening presents, first he just carried about the ribbon then the present, then he figured out that there are cool presents under the ribbon and paper. He had so much fun opening everyone's presents. Haha!

And I would like to say thanks to Nana and Papa, and Grandma and Grandpa for our wonderful presents. We enjoyed everyone of them! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! Here are a few pictures of that day. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Love ya!

The Big Move!

For all of those who do not know yet, we were scheduled to move to Fort Hood, Tx, and a week before the big move the army told us that we were moving to Fort Campbell, Ky. So it was a nice stressful time changing all of our plans with in the few days.

Also the week we were moving a nice funny/horrible story happened, Luke was destroying our personal records in the grill in the backyard one day we were packing. Later that day we decided to give our grill to our neighbors, so Luke emptied the pile of charcoal and paper from the grill into our city garbage can. Do know that it was not lite at the time. Much later that night we decided to run to the store for cleaning supplies, Luke noticed as we were leaving that the trash can was smoking, so he drowned the trash can with water, and put it in the backyard. As we were shopping at Target we got a call from our neighbor asking if we were home, and told us that our backyard was on fire. In conclusion to this nightmare of a story, we came home to a some nice firemen who had just put out the fire in our backyard. What happened was the trash can was on fire and melted completely to the ground. Put a nice whole in the backyard. Awful!!!! If Luke did not put the trash can in the backyard then our whole house would of ended up in flames. What a blessing that was.

Anyways, the move went really well. We moved a whole 3 hours away. Stayed in a stinky hotel for 3-4 nights. Was lucky enough to find a home rather quickly. It is a nice 3 bedroom / 2 Bathroom townhome. For those of you who don't know, Fort Campbell is right on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee. So we live on the Tennessee side. It is a different place for us. And it is going to take a little bit for us to get used too.

Luke has been off of work for the last 2 1/2 weeks. Which Eli and I have really enjoyed having him around teasing us all the time. In the end, it was a very Stressful but Successful move.

We had the dogs with us the whole time. Including the litter of puppies Bailey just had, a whopping "6" puppies. Which we did have to carry all of them around with us house hunting, since the hotel said we could not leave them there. Blah!!!

Eli was really good the whole time. This was right before his nap time. Luke had to " Clear Out" of Redstone Arsenal, so we had to sit and wait in the truck for an hour and a half.

Luke's AIT Graduation

Well first of all I want to say how proud I am of Luke. He is an amazing father, husband and provider for our family. He graduated with a 93%, he was always one of the top of his class. He did not enjoy school so much, found it really boring most of the time. But he stuck with it and he did it! I love you honey and I am so proud of you. Here are a few videos and pictures of that day...

Luke after Graduation. Made everyone stand out in the freezing cold for like 20 minutes. I am not sure why!?.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009









Monday, December 7, 2009

"My Not So Little Eli"

So another post... I wanted to post some cute stuff about Eli. I am enjoying every minute I have with him. He is really just turning out just like Luke. He is so funny, he loves just to make you laugh and at the same time loves to love you. Elijah loves little babies and tries to take care of them."SO CUTE!" He does point at my tummy and says "Baby Baby Baby Baby." I am sure he doesn't really know what it means, but he only does it to me, I think maybe in some way he really does kind of know what is going on. He is really going to be a great older brother.
Also he is very tall, he can reach on top of any counter, and is basically a little mess.

Well, all I want to say is, I am very greatful for my little Eli. What a joy he is to me in such a chaotic world. He makes my day every day just to be with him. I can't wait for this next little being, Luke and I are bringing into this world. And am excited to see Eli become older brother.

Birthday Surprise!

Well I would like to thank everyone for a wonderful 23rd Birthday, especially my wonderful husband. We have had a very very long couple of months and so I will try to update you on as much as possible. First I will show you a few pictures of my Birthday, Luke surprised me and bought me the camera I have been wanting for months now. He also took me to one of my favorites restaurants, Pf Chang's to eat. Also our dear friends and old neighbors, The Teahans, surprised me and bought a birthday cake and sang happy birthday to me. Also Eli and Luke got me a singing card which was so cute, Eli could not put it down, he loves it!

My sweet Husband!

So on to further news... We have finally found out where we are moving... Fort Campbell,Ky! And we are just excited that we are finally able to know where we are moving. We move this Friday the 11th, so we have alot of packing to do. Luke of course will be moving most of the stuff. We won't find out what we are having until probable the end of December or sometime in January. Luke and I are pretty positive it is a girl, but would be very happy with either or. Well I have to get to packing, so hope all is well. I will post a few more pictures before I go.

My sexy sexy husband of mine. Being patient with his camera happy wife!

Cute little Eli, noticing my new camera. Not the best picture of him, but I think he is just so cute in it. He is coming up on 15 months. Where does the time go?!.

Elijah, Braden and Bethany watching veggi tales. Good luck to the Teahans in there first big move. Braden and Eli are such good little friends. We will miss you guys!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Eli's 1st Birthday!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ya I wish this was me... But unfortunately, I am just not that sexy. But yes we are pregnant yet again! We are about 10 1/2 weeks pregnant. Both Luke and I are stoked. Luke is certain it is a girl. I don't care either way I get another baby! We are due May 24th, which is ironic because last time I was due on my sisters birthday, and now this time I am due on my brothers. So there you go. I have been feeling pretty crummy the until the last few days I kind of feel somewhat a normal person. But nevertheless I am an emotional wreck. Which is my favorite part feeling crazy all the time. Anyways, wish us luck! Peace!


Well as you all know we have been living out here in wonderful Alabama. We have not had a computer until now. So you will be hearing from us alot more! WE are pretty excited to be back in the loop of things. We do not have any pictures to post right now but I will be on it for the next couple of days setting things up. And when I say "we" , I mean Luke and I. Luke is sitting next to me and wanting to be included in this thing we do called blogging. So you will see postings from both Luke and I. As you have in the past. Well hope all is well. Love ya'll.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Well... I just wanted to post, before I leave to Alabama. Yes we leave today... The long grueling 30 hour drive to Alabama. But it will be worth it to be a family again. I wish you all well, and hope you all keep updating your blogs so I stay posted. Love ya'll! Peace!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Super Cute Eli!

Look at the great pictures my sister Miriam took. Thanks Mir! I love them, they are great. My super cute little Eli! What a stud!

Friday, June 5, 2009


In case you have all been wondering... Eli and I are driving down to Alabama starting on the 16th of this month. We have not been approved to live on base yet, but will be hopefully next week. If not we will get an apartment right off base somewhere, but Luke and I are thinking we shouldn't have any problems. Also I will not be driving to Alabama alone, my parents have been ever so generous to help get me down there safe and sound. Well hope you enjoy the rest of the blogs. Hope to talk to you sooner the later! Peace!

Graduation Song!

Trip To Oklahoma~ TO SEE MY HUBBY!

This is the last family picture we took! Aren't we a cute little family. Eli and I were dropping Luke back of at his bay, we had to go back to Utah, and Luke went to Alabama!
This is Daddy with little Eli! Standing in front of my favorite rental car EVER! A Saturn Vue. Have never been a fan of Saturn's, but this one is Bad A!

The bottom bunk is where Luke slept for 10 weeks. Kind of depressing, huh!?.

All the soldiers had to stand in formation, while there Drill Sargent's yelled at them for something. Don't know what, I can't even understand half the things they said. But there is my favorite Soldier Pvt Luke Park.

This is Luke's buddy from basic, O'Bryne. Cool guy. I actually met his wife before we even saw them, had know idea that it was Luke's friends wife. If that makes any sense. Eli on the other hand was due for a nap, the whole trip was exhausting for him.

Luke's Locker, Isn't he cute!

Luke was showing me his new hat. Man I miss my man!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We are moving to Alabama!

Exciting news... Eli and I are moving to Alabama with Luke... I am very stressed, I have to drive out there with Eli. My little sister is coming on our 3 day trip. I am way excited for this, and mostly to be with Luke. Oh yes, Luke has passed all of his tests and will be graduating from Basic Training next week, so Elijah and I are flying out Tuesday to go watch him graduate. I am very proud of him. I know this is a big accomplishment for him, it took everything he had to do this, and he has become a better person out of it! So honey... Congrats, I am so proud of you! Well hope you are all well. Sweet Home Alabama!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

30 day Count Down!

Its finally 30 days... Yes 30 Days till I can see my man and Eli can see his father! And I am so excited. Yes everyone I did talk to him today! He is doing well... More then half way thru and am so proud of him. He past his rifel range shooting and will be getting an award for "THE SHARP SHOOTER", he also passed his second PT TEST. So one more PT TEST and he is home free. Well he told me a couple of fun stories: First; They were learning there IUD shooting ( don't know what that stands for) it is where you are in a jeep and a ground bomb goes off, so they have to quickly get out and move into the forest and start shooting at the enemy. Pretty cool, huh?! As they were running into the trees, the guy in front of him accidently snaped a branch into his eye. So his eye is all cut up and everyone thinks he has pink eye. He is fine and will be going to sick all tomorrow to get it checked out. Now second, I don't really remember the second.... Sorry! But overall he is doing really well.... And it looks like Eli and I will be moving to Alabama in June. It is not final yet, but the chances are very good. Luke won't find out until the first week he is there. So I will let you know as soon as I know. Well hope ya'll are well. Peace!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Newest Editions!

Well, Ms. Bailey and Boston have done it again! Yes we have more puppies.... I thought she was done at two... But wait she had two more.... Then finally hoping she was done just for her sake.... And yes.... She had two more... That is a total of SIX PUPPIES! WOW! I can't believe she did it. And what amazes me more is that they are all alive and doing very well, very healthy! There are 4 boys and 2 girls. Dad (Boston) is a proud little guy! haha. 5 of the 6 look like Boston and 1 of the 6 looks like Bailey. SO SWEET! I will post pictures later!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Lukie Wookie!

How could this day be any better... First off I got to listen to our great prophets and apostles and great leaders of our church. Always great to hear there wisdom and counsel. Second I got to talk to Luke for like 30 minutes. I haven't talked to him in two weeks. So it was really nice to talk to him. Luke is doing really well... I just want to mention, wife's are ALWAYS right. Before Luke left he had a hang nail on his big toe that was all infected and stuff. I told him to go to the doctor and get it looked at before he left. So he goes, says his foot was still the same and someone stepped on his toe, so he ended up going to th hospital, doctors numbed his toe and removed half his toe nail. Ha Ha! My poor Luke! Maybe he will learn his lesson one day. But really he is doing awesome, said he went through the gas chambers yesterday, didn't like that much. He doesn't really mind it, just misses Eli and I! Well folks... That is all I got for now! See Ya!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blitz Game

Well Saturday we went to the first official game of the Saint George Blitz. Becky was the cheerleader/dancer. It was alot of fun! Becky looked HOTT!

Update on Luke!

This is my Sexy Man in Uniform. Looks real happy doesn't he. Wish he would smile, picture would look way hotter. Well... Luke is doing really well. Received a video of him on Sunday. The couple missionaries took the picture and sent the video. How sweet are they!?. Haven't heard from Luke in a while but it comes with this decision we have made. The last letter from Luke he was doing really well, and is totally a different man, in a good way. This has been a really great experience for him, he is learning a lot through this experience. Let me know if you guys have any questions. But overall we are all well! Love ya all! MUAH!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It has been a very long two weeks since Luke has been gone, but Eli and I have been keeping busy, really our schedule is always full, which is always good. We have been swimming lots. Eli sure loves to swim.
Luke is doing really well... Loves the physical part, and says all around it isn't so bad. He just says he can't stand alot of the people there. He had a great experience at church on sunday. And was able to get a blessing from the missionarys. There is a wonderful couple missionary who I have talked too, they sure are a blessing. They have been helping Luke out alot. Well hope all is well. Peace out! lol

Monday, March 16, 2009

Missing Home

Sorry haven't updated in a while... Luke is officially in the army! We are very excited and ready to get this boot camp and training over with. Luke is in reception right now and doesn't officially start basic till Friday, March 20th. He is pretty excited and I think really liking it. He was home sick for the first couple of days. But now is getting used to being away. Luke really misses Eli and is really sad to miss his first year. Good News though, we found out that when Luke goes to AIT, I will be able to visit him on the weekends. So I figure I will go visit him every other week or so. Well that is the plan anyways. SO.. To sum it up Luke is doing really well, getting to know the army life. Don't have any addresses yet but will post it when I find out. Which he says he will find out the first day of boot camp. So wish him luck. Hope you are all well. Eli and I are doing GREAT! Well.. as good as we can be!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ok so I am super excited of how cute these pictures turned out.... So I am putting a bunch on here so everyone can see them! If you would like to order any of the pictures I will give you the information so you can. Sorry not as organized as I hoped but please enjoy!
Hope you all enjoy!