Monday, October 11, 2010


One of our dear friends, was recently killed in Afghanistan, by an IED. David Hess was a great Father, Husband and Friend. Luke trained with him in Alabama and they were stationed at Fort Campbell together. You will be greatly missed! We love you guys and are here for you always!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I forgot to mention the wonderful wedding I went to, while I was up in SLC! Tyler Crook is MARRIED! It was such a beautiful sealing and reception. Tyler and Kayla make a beautiful eternal companions! Congrats you two! Best wishes to the both of you!!

Salt Lake Trip

Well.. I couldn't figure out how to put these pictures in order... SO I am done messing with them and so here you go. Well as you can see we made a trip up to salt lake. We all had a blast. Eli had fun playing with all of his cousins, and especially Grandpa!!! Well above, is Hayden, Jason and Eli... Laura and I thought we should take pictures for memories. And of course to have some embarrassing pictures when they decide to bring there girlfriends home.... TOO CUTE!
So we decided to go to CornBelly's Pumpkin Patch down at Thanksgiving Point. We all had a blast! It was the first time I have ever gone, and I was wondering why the heck it was my first time. It was so awesome. Above is a pictures of Eli playing tetherball and the others are of Eli, Alora, and I riding the tractor cart thing through the corn patches. I think thats how you say it! lol! We had lots of fun!

Here is Carson (Eli's older Cousin) taking Eli up to go down the slide. Eli sure felt pretty cool going with his older cousin. They went a bunch of times. I was surprised how much he liked going down the slide. He has had problems with slides since he broke his leg on one...

Eli loves Tractor rides. This one is just for the kids. Eli had to ride it as many times as he could get in. Which was only two. There were people in line, and more things to see!!!

This is probable one of Eli's Favorite things there... I know so simple huh! The life of a kid!!! You have to pump the water and get the ducky on the other side. He loved it! He ended up soaking wet and covered in mud! Haha! I enjoyed taking these pictures. Minus the stepping in mud part! lol

My sweet Baby Thad!~ He is always so good. We all took our turns taking care of him while we were there. He is seriously the sweetest baby ever!~ I love him!

This is such a cool thing. It is a jumper hill in the ground. Come on... Sweet huh! Eli thought it was kind of neat. He started off with a few belly flops on it. Then I helped push him up to the top. He didn't like it on the top of it to much because the other kids were knocking him down and jumping around him. So Alora (his cousin) came to the rescue and brought him back down. He was so nice to pose for me in a few of the pictures. Lucky me!

Grandpa Jeff... Where to start... Eli had a BLAST with him! They mowed the yard, after which, Grandpa Jeff hooked up the wagon to the back of the tractor so they could go around the block together. Haha! Grandpa would give him a popsicle while he would sit back for the ride. Grandpa pushed him on the swing, picked some cherry tomatoes for Eli to taste ( which I here he did like), went to feed the ducks, did some gardening, and so much more. And at the end of the night Grandpa saved a seat for Eli downstairs on the recliner where they snuggled and watched some tv together. I am so glad they had so much fun together. I could see so much of Luke in Jeff, it was so weird! It made me miss Luke and I was glad Eli has Grandpa while he is gone. I love you honey! We will see you soon!

So during the week we stayed at Josh and Laura's house. Which was alot of fun to hang out. Laura and I did get a girls night out! In which, I had a blast, Thanks for being such a good date Laura!! lol Anyways, they have CHICKENS! Eli loved to chase them and just watch them. He would get so made when they would go in the Chicken coop! haha! He would say, NO! GO!!!! lol My funny Eli! He would also help get the eggs out and bring them to the house. The only problem was that once he got into the house with his new found prize (an egg). He didn't want to give it up!! lol My funny kid!

Since we have been gone, Josh and Laura have done so much to there yard. It looks great! Good job with all the hard work. It has really payed off!!!

Josh was so nice to take Eli for a four wheeler ride. Which I think it was one of his firsts! He loved it! It was so much fun to watch him.
Well thanks for a great week park family! We had a BLAST!!! And for all of the help with my broken down truck! It is fixed, I am home save and sound! I love you all.. Until next time~!

Matching Pajama's

I am a nerd I know! I love having boys so close in age. I have really been enjoying making them twins every chance I get. I know if Luke was around he might kill me for making them match all the time. But you know what, I think it is cute, and I am going to do it while they let me. haha! This is one of the many outfits I have of them matching! Two Cute Boys!
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This is for Luke!

These are my sweet boys! Eli loves being an older brother, and loves to cuddle Thad when ever he gets the chance.

This is a video of Eli saying "I love you, Daddy!" He does say it with his mouth full of food. Eli is and always has been such a good eater. Love my Boys!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sweet baby Thad!

Well I just wanted to post a couple of pics of my sweet baby Thad! I love you I love you I love you!!! He is so happy and sweet! I have really enjoyed him! XOXO

Here is a video I took of him, just so you can see how he is! He loves to laugh and play! And is very ticklish!

It is too cute of a story not to tell... I got in the shower one morning really cute. Eli was watching cartoons and Thad was sleeping. I was just about to get out of the shower and all of a sudden I heard Thad start crying, so I quickly started to wash the conditioner out of my hair, and then he went quite. So I got out and Eli was in his bed entertaining him. So cute and what a wonderful older brother. I of course positioned them so I could take a quick picture. Every time Thadeus starts to cry, Eli will say "Oh NO! The BABY!" haha too cute! Love my boys!
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Fun in the Tub!

We had the privilage to have Nataile and Portor hang out with us last week. It was alot of fun to hang out all day together. And of course playing all day gives you dirty boys. So we gave them all a bath. Eli and Thad always enjoy taking baths. It was just alot of fun to have some company! Love you guys.
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