Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dad- Part 1

Today is the day I need to do this. Why today? Since this has happened I haven't been ready or willing to do this, also I have awaken just about every night of nightmares remembering it over and over again, and remembering not a whole lot about anything else. But this morning was the first morning I awakened with a dream of my Dad and actually remembered him, I remembered My DAD! I finally can remember the Dad I grew up with and not just the sick and dying one. I remember loving and admiring him so much. I remember loving sitting and listening to him in the car, listening in the other room, or sitting down with him and listening to him go off on his tangents, something he was so passionate about he would just talk about it for hours. Talk about dreams, hopes, desires, history, politics, books, the church, anything. He loved to talk and I loved to just listen. He was so wise and I just admired his opinion. Now if his opinion was any different then what I thought, we had ourselves a nice BIG LOUD Debate. I loved to debate with him, and I would like to think he did too. He was truly one of the only people that I feel who could understand me! He knew always just what to say to make me feel better. Even if was just agreeing with me, on something everyone just thought was crazy. Daddy always hugged me, kissed me on the cheek and told me he loved me. Even being miles and miles away from family. He would give me a call and make sure I knew he was proud of me. And to that I cherish to this day. Something I will give to my children... Always hug and kiss them and tell them the love I have for them. I have many memories of him reading and studying the scriptures. He wise about many things, but the most was the church. He knew and loved the gospel, and taught it to me. I knew his testimony of the gospel and the plan of salvation. I remember reading the scriptures often as a family, and him explaining it all to me. I loved listening to him. I loved watching him treat My Mom as a QUEEN. He truly and deeply loved her and showed her that daily. He always complemented her, going to church, I remember my mom walking out ready in her Sunday best and him always telling her how amazing she looked. And always the memory of Christmas morning my dad always pulling the last present out of some hiding place in the room, normally a nearby plant, and giving her jewelry. I knew from growing up they loved each other, loved to be together, (they did everything together), they were best friends! I just hope that my marriage can be filled with that much love, romance, and friendship. I hate having to explain My Dad in words, for I am not very good at writing and explaining my thoughts. But if I were to explain the man he was for my children... I would say, he was goofy, confident, passionate, wise, loving, always there for you, he knew all and wouldn't tell you any different, very good looking, loved by all, stubborn.... He was My Daddy, who I love very much and I miss him everyday. But I am glad I knew him and knew the love he had for me.