Thursday, May 29, 2008


Well Life with the Parks this month has not been to exciting. Jeff got some ducks and while he was out of town Luke and I watched them. Cute little things. We decided to go and put them out in the grass to see how they like it. Mr. Photographer (My Husband) got way into it and took like a million pictures of these ducks, so I will put these award winnig pictures on here. (Only a few of course). Besides the ducks life is great Luke and I are both just working. Pregnancy is great, except I weighed myself today and hit an all time max out on the scale. So I keep repeating to myself it is only the pregnancy. Come on you who have been pregnant can't tell me you like the getting fat part. Kind of ridiculous I think. Eli is a moving, moving, active baby. Which is fun, but I can't wait to see his cute little face. I have this nightmare that I give birth to him and he is an ugly baby. AWFUL! I hate it. Luke every night puts his hands on my stomach... and as cute as it is.... wakes the baby up and they both just go at it. Brings tears to my eyes to think that I will be having a son soon, and that my son is going to be exactly like Luke. (I can feel it in my bones I am cursed, lol). Well nothing else in life is going on to much. Oh yes, Luke and I are going to be moving to tooele, utah soon. We are just in the middle of house hunting. How everyone likes that. But wish us the best. Hope all is well! God Bless!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Aunts and Uncles

We would both like to say that we love being Aunts and Uncles to all of our great neices and nephews. I went down to Saint George for the week and watched my nephews Lincoln and Peyton. We had a blast! Gage (on the right) is such a sweet heart! Hope mine is just as great if not even greater. lol! Rylee and Bo we had a great time visiting with them. This was them up at the farm. And of course our sweet little Peyton first T-ball game. So fun to watch him play. And thanks kid for helping me out last week. Well we love are of our neices and nephews and hope all is well with everyone.

Farm Life

K... Where to start! This is Coalville (farm). We went up a week ago. Boston is the funniest to watch, fearless, he just goes up to anything and just tries to be friends with it. Luke grew up here. Many childhood memories. There are lots of cows, couple of pigs.. So on and so forth.

First trip Golfing!

My first trip golfing. I know I am so proud of me too. Luke was patient enough to teach me how too swing. Don't really know what my score was (it was up there). But I learned how to play. We went with Laura and Josh (Lukes brother and wife).. ANd of course Jocelyn(neice)! We had a Blast!

Old Friends

Old friends are great! I have known Whitney Manning since I was in middle school. We have gone through just about everything together. Time did not seperate us at all. We haven't seen each other for just about 4 years. It was great seeing an old friend doing so well.

OUR Puppies!!!

These are our little puppies Ms. Bailey (Left) and Boston (Right). They are our little children for now, until the new addition comes along. Thought y'all should see my pups! Sweet aren't they!!!