Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Well yes, somehow during all this crazyness we made time to attend the Saint George Rodeo! It was alot of fun. I really enjoy going. But as you can tell by all the pictures, Eli was exhausted!!! And that is an understatement!lol He did find time to enjoy seeing all of the horses and animals.
When they started the Rodeo, they made a special tribute to the Troops, Fireman, Police, etc.. I thought it was really neat. Eli loved the Tank! I went with my sisters, minus two, Melissa and Becky, but it was a blast to go with everyone. I forgot how much I missed being around the family. Love you guys!

Now I Have blogged a ton! I am finally somewhat caught up. So when you get down to the bottom of the page. Make sure to Hit Older Posts, Cause there are New Posts that are still on there. I think I have done like 7 or so new posts. So make sure you catch them all!!!
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New Hair Cut!

While Charity was here she was able to cut and color my hair. She did an awesome job. Thanks for doing it! I am not sure about the bangs... Still getting used to them!
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Bath Time!

Well during this crazy wedding. My sister Charity and her son Gage, who is a year older then Eli, stayed for a whole week to help with the wedding. We had a lot of fun among all the crazyness. So Gage was able to join the boys for one of there nightly baths...

Eli and Gage are so funny together. They both love love love cars. They would just both fight over the Lightening McQueen Cars. Too funny! The last night before the Shermans went home, Eli and Gage had a wrestling match. It was a sight to see. We love you Shermans and sure enjoyed your company while you were here!~
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Becky is Married... WEIRD! lol

A Congrats need to go out to my dear little sister who is FINALLY MARRIED! Nolan and Becky were sealed in the Saint George Temple, Saturday September 18th. It was a beautiful ceremony. All the Bergquist kids were there with there Eternal Companions, minus Luke (He was there in Heart)! Congrats to both of you and the years to come!
Here was the few photos I got at the reception, when I wasn't chasing my kids around. Cute Couple!
Here is a few photos of the reception. It was beautiful! Minus all the stress, it was a beautiful wedding.
And of course I was the MAID OF HONOR! Better believe it!~ I love you Becky and am sure proud of you! Have fun on you HONEYMOON!
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Handsome Boys at the Wedding!

These are my Handsome Boys at the wedding! They are too cute! Couldn't you just kiss them~! Love them!

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My Big 2 year old! Can you believe it!

My Big Eli.. Here are just a few pictures of him.. He was eating a ring pop.. So that is what is all over his face.. lol

HAHAHA! So CUTE! I bought him suspenders for the wedding which you will see pictures next of him. I was just trying them on him. Which he seemed to really like! It was a good find!

Can you believe it, He is 2! It is crazy to me, time really does fly by. He turned 2 on the 12th of September. We have not celebrated it yet, we are waiting for Luke to come home next month for his R&R, then there will be a BIG BIRTHDAY BASH! Invitation to come out in a few weeks. I love my Eli, and can't believe what a Fun, Loving, and Adventuress Little Boy he is!


I haven't posted in a while... But I have lots to post now! One and All this is Thadeus, I know I can't believe it myself. He is SO BIG! I love every minute with him. So last week I went and bought a jumper for him thinking he would just love it. Which he does for about 10 minutes. And no, there is no jumping. He is "AS STIFF AS A BOARD!" Haha I just love watching his little mind work. He loves the colors, the lights and sounds. I love my baby!

Look at his little mind thinking!

He smiles at everyone! Just so happy!

How did I get so lucky to have a blue eyed baby boy! So handsome!

My sweet Baby!