Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mom Is a trooper!

This is the Mom, she is so big it is a wonder she does not split at the seams. And with a temper like she has wow it is a miracle. Well here are a couple of Pic's before and after.

Thadeus Luke Park

Today is May 23, 2010 the day that little Thadeus came to the Park Family. He arrived at 5:36 pm, weighing in at a whopping 8 lbs 8 oz and 21 1/2 in long( which is just 2 oz smaller than Eli his older brother). He has some dark brown hair, and one really fat Park nose. He is cute as a button! He really knows how to make an impact, in the first 30 min he peed on his mother, one nurse and left a nice brown surprise for dear old dad.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I know Easter was over a month ago, but I am now finally getting to them and am going to show you the fun pictures we had. We had two Easters, one in Coalville and the other in Saint George. Both were tons of fun.

I will first start with Coalville... It was great to be up at the farm! I have more pictures at the farm but that is another day and another post. The Easter Bunny came and put eggs in the snow everywhere. Eli had a blast picking them up with Daddy! I did kind of a sloppy job with these collages, but I wanted everyone to see the fun we had.

Now in Saint George, we also had a blast. It was a little warmer there I can say that. And I think I may have caught the Easter Bunny in action, or should I say Easter Bunnies... And of course had to post the cute little bunny Lucy! Too Cute!

Well Thanks to everyone who had a part in our Easter. It was one to remember.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Emergency Room

Yes we have had a fun time this week. Two whole visits to the ER for Eli. What fun it has been. First off, Eli has broken his Tib/Fib in his leg. It was all just a freak accident too. We were at Luke's Mandatory Family Day, and they had the inflatable bouncer obstacle course. So I told Luke to take Eli on it while I stood on the side to cheer. The part of the obstacle course that you have to climb the wall and slide down was the part Eli broke his leg on. I know, you think they are made for kids and safe, but I now strongly disagree. Eli was sliding down, like how he slides down the stairs, feet first and on his tummy. And when he landed he didn't bend his legs and the force of it broke his leg. It seriously broke my heart. He wouldn't walk on it and it got really swollen. He was a trooper, he didn't scream or anything. He just kind of stood there and cried for a minute, once we picked him up he was fine, not happy but was ok. After a long day in the ER, Eli came home with a blue cast with a train on it. He has to have it on for 3 very long weeks. He is doing fine now, I feel like I have a ten month old all over again. Crawling everywhere but can't just quite walk. Its sad, and I feel like a horrible mother.

This is like the obstacle course he broke his leg on. I am telling you. Freak Accident!

He still my sweet little Eli.

Bailey has been extra motherly to him. I think she can sense his pain.

The lady that put the cast on him also made a cute little train to put on it. I thought it was rather nice of her to do that!

Also to add on to this traumatizing event, we went to the ER yet again the next day. Eli had a fever of 103 and had been on pain meds all day! We went through another long visit to the ER and they just told us it was probable a virus. It doesn't seem right to me, but for Eli's sake I hope they are right. He still has a fever tonight, its been almost 2 days with a fever that won't break. I can say it has gone down just a bit. So I am hoping my poor little Eli will just hang in there. He is really having such a tough time. I love you Eli!