Thursday, December 25, 2008

Like Father, Like Son

Eli sleeps in his little bed with his new favorite dog, Scooby-doo, given to him from is wonderful father Luke, I am not so approving I wanted to give him my little white dog,Ralphie! So sad but this little man is just like his father, hopefully he grows out of that.... Ha ha ha lol. But i love both of my beautiful boys, because they are just so darn cute.

Merry Christmas!

Well we sure enjoyed a nice quite Christmas. It started Tuesday celebrating Christmas with the Park side, having soup and all meeting at temple square to look at the lights, nativity, and of course have some yummy hot cocoa. Thanks to Sheila, Eli was nice and bundled up in his new winter suit. It was my first Christmas ever seeing the Salt Lake temples Christmas lights. Its beautiful! The spirit is so strong and reminds me of why I really love this holiday.
Now for Christmas Eve I ended up making a turkey dinner. It was my first turkey, it turned out ok. A learning experience for sure. Anyways, I invited Bridger and Trevor to have dinner with us. Trevor ended up falling asleep and staying the night in our semi-guest room. When we all woke up, Trevor happened to be snowed in. We woke up to a beautiful blizzard, which I don't think I mentioned my first White Christmas. Trevor ended up leaving around 3 in the afternoon. I know it wasn't the Christmas he was thinking he would have. Moving on.... Luke made all of us some yummy breakfast which was; Homemade hashbrown's, eggs from Jeff's chickens, and bacon from the latest Jimmy and Dean ( from the farm). I do have to say it, Luke is turning me into a country girl! lol We finally opened presents after that.
Don't tell me, I know I look great! Lol NOT! But here are our matching footie pajamas from last Christmas. It going to be a tradition to wear them every Christmas. (Luke doesn't know yet.) Anyways our favorite part was giving Eli his big present. We got him a horse jumper. It was the sweetest thing. He knew it was for him, and once he sat in it he just jumped in it for hours. Every time he jumps in it, it Na's and giddy ups! So cute. Way worth the investment. It was so fun to have such a small Christmas with just our family, and Trevor. Lol! No joke the weather was serious stuff. lol....

Eli also loved the fun presents he got from Nana and Papa... He just doesn't know it yet! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family and to be able to have the gospel in my life. To celebrate the Birth of Christ is such a spiritual and joyous experience for me. I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! Bring it 2009!~
Dogs enjoying what Santa brought them.

Eli is enjoying his new raddle and loves to flash everyone with his little Budha belly!

Eli's First Roll Over!

Well he did it! I knew he could. Well the story goes.... I was changing Eli's diaper the back of his head was toward the tv. I left to do something, and when I came back he scooted around to see the tv to watch "ELF". I decided to give him some tummy time, he just kind of looked at me like, "what the heck mom, I am trying to watch tv." So he swung him self over and there you go there is his first roll over. I put him on his tummy and he did it over and over again. He was laughing sure proud of himself. The pictures below are him in the process of rolling over. I love being a mother it is so rewarding in everyway.

Look at those big eyes. He is precious in everyway!
There is one of his rollovers!
Rolled over and back watching tv. That a boy Eli, that a boy!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Elijah's 3 favorite things at 3 Months

Well Eli is 3 months @ around a whopping 16-17 pounds. And is loving every bit of life!

1~ BABY EINSTEIN.... He really just loves anything on tv. But baby einstein he will giggle
and laugh. He did his first roll overs only because he couldn't see the tv. I know already
need to break the habit!

2~ BATHS WITH DADDY... Luke and Eli would sit in there for hours playing with each other.
It is so fun to watch them splash around. I of course have to supervise to make sure Luke
isn't being to rough or picking on him to much.

3~ SEEING THE WORLD... Eli will look at everything. He loves going in his stroller to the
mall or some store, and watch all the different people. He especially loves to watch kids
play. We were sitting in church last week, a two year old was playing and Eli just sat there
and smiled and laughed. He loved it!

Kids just grow so fast. My next post will be pictures of Eli and his first few rollovers.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Family Pictures

Here are our new family pictures. What a cute family I have huh?!. My two boys are studs. Everything is great since the last post. It is snowing like crazy today. Do like to be in it but like to look at it from inside. Hope everyone is doing well. And hope you like the family pictures. Which my sister Miriam took and they look amazing. Thanks Mir!~

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Latest!

I regret to say that I have been way to busy to update my blog. I do have some time on my hands that I can show you pictures from the birth and on. I will try to be as descriptive as I can. The pictures above are during the 15 hour labor. I had to catch as much sleep as I could. Which was not easy with nurses and doctors bugging you ever 2 seconds. Luke and I were so nervous during the whole thing we were just laughing through everything. Even through the epidural. Doctor said "out of the 1500 epidural he has given, this was the first time he has ever told someone to stop laughing." As painful as it was, it was very enjoyable to be with Luke. I wouldn't let him leave my side. I was very clingy.

After 15 hours and 2 hours of pushing, here is Elijah Dale Park! 8 Pounds 10 Ounces and 20 inches long. I knew he was going to be big. I was 3 days late and Luke and I were both 9-10 pound babies.

We love our growing little family. Luke is a wonderful father, and I sure hope I am the mother Eli needs. My parents came up from saint george to help us for the weekend and of course to met there new favorite grandson. I left the same day of having him. Crazy thinking!?.

Well on with other stuff I will show you some more recent photos of us. Eli is now 13 1/2 weeks, and is such a joy to be around. He is starting to really giggle and laugh which is so fun. Also he is learning how to grab things with his hands so well . He is around 16 pounds and is still growing. Wearing 6-12 month clothes at 3 months. They said that they grow fast. But I didn't realize it was this fast. Luke and I love spending every moment with him and are really enjoying bonding as a family. As each challenge and hardship comes our way, we are excited to learn and grow as a family.

Luke loves being a father. There favorite thing to do is have bath time together. It is so fun to see them laugh and play together!

We had Eli's baby blessing in Saint George with his older (yes older, by two weeks) cousin Portor Michael Bergquist. It was such a sweet blessing and fun experience to experience first born sons together with Aaron and Nataile.

Following my birth two weeks later our chihuahuas had there first litter of 3 puppies. The last puppy Hank ( thats what we called him) loved loved Eli and Eli him. They would snuggle and sleep together. Hank would always sit on Eli's lap and just chill with him. We just recently sold him. But it was fun while it lasted.

Elijah loves watching TV. Baby Einstein to be specific. He will sit in front of the tv for hours watching and laughing. Best invention ever!

Well the lastest news in our family. Is that Luke might be joining the ARMY! Crazy I know. He is really excited to do something different and something he has always wanted to do. I told him as long as he is not fighting in the front lines. that I would be ok with it. We are both excited for the adventure it will bring us, and the places we will be able to visit. Well to all of you. I hope I updated all of you to the fullest. I wish you all happy holidays. Till next time.

Friday, October 3, 2008

We are parents!

So I am not going to be able to post any pictures this time of my son or talk really a ton today. I want to let everyone know that Elijah Dale Park was born Sept 12, 2008 2:58am, 8lbs 10oz. 20inches long! Long labor! Both of us are very healthy and loving every day we have together. Sorry I will post pictures next time I get a chance. Hope all is well with everyone. Peace!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


So I am not a very good blogger... I know sorry... Life is pretty busy over here. I am 37 1/2 weeks pregnant. Doctor says I can go at anytime. Still not dialated. :( Luke and I are way excited to just get on with it. It has been the longest most uncomterable ride ever!!~!!! Anyways Luke and I have been raising around SLC trying to decide where we should move? if we should buy, lease or rent? So on and so forth. Me myself I am just sick of it and want to move before I have the baby. So wish us luck... As for Luke, he just recently got a promotion and a raise at his job UPS. He is a proud man, and I am sure a proud wife. Luke is such a hard worker and I am truely grateful for that. Well I will post another picture in a couple of days. Wish us luck..(we need it)! Love you all and wish the best!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

32 WEEKS! Almost done cooking....

I know I am freaking hillarious. I am not as big as the lady below. But as you can see I am pretty darn out there. People keep asking me if I am having twins. How Rude! No joke Becky is even a witness. Well here is the lasted picture of me. Even though I hate looking at it. Eli seems to be doing great, already giving his mother hell. (So much like Luke)!

New Pictures

This is my recent photo. Holy crap am I big.. I was pretty brave wearing an "intsy winsy yellow polka dot bikini." Just kidding a new picture of me will be posted as soon as I remember to take one... OR when I look a little half decent. She makes me feel tiny... But I really am not!


Hope everyone is well. Things here are pretty busy and very stressful! This last weekend we went on our yearly river rafting trip. No worries about me out there... I sat on my butt this weekend, no rafting/four wheeling for me. (lucky me)! My little sister came up and went with us. It was sure fun to see her again. Luke and Becky sure had a blast.
WELL... 8 MONTHS pregnant and still going. counting every single day down. Hoping he will decide to come at the right moment. You know when we are ready. We are both stressing and when I say we I really mean ME! Stressing hoping we can find a home and have everything we need for our son. Life sure is so fun. I am getting really excited/anxious to see what he looks like. To see what Luke and I created together! Even though life is so rocky I can't wait to see my first born child. I know he will be perfect in every way. If you ask me if all the stress is worth it...., of course it is. I would do it over again any day!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

26 Weeks!

Well... Here is the update on the pregnancy. I am getting big I know. I remember every night when I try to sleep... Or how about I remember when Eli is kicking the living snot out of my insides. He is a little fisty baby, I can already tell. Sorry that the pictures are kind of bad. Luke and I were doing the timing thing with the camera... Kind of bad at it. (Don't know how you do it Mir). So they are kind of bright but you kind of get the idea of what I am trying to show you.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Well Life with the Parks this month has not been to exciting. Jeff got some ducks and while he was out of town Luke and I watched them. Cute little things. We decided to go and put them out in the grass to see how they like it. Mr. Photographer (My Husband) got way into it and took like a million pictures of these ducks, so I will put these award winnig pictures on here. (Only a few of course). Besides the ducks life is great Luke and I are both just working. Pregnancy is great, except I weighed myself today and hit an all time max out on the scale. So I keep repeating to myself it is only the pregnancy. Come on you who have been pregnant can't tell me you like the getting fat part. Kind of ridiculous I think. Eli is a moving, moving, active baby. Which is fun, but I can't wait to see his cute little face. I have this nightmare that I give birth to him and he is an ugly baby. AWFUL! I hate it. Luke every night puts his hands on my stomach... and as cute as it is.... wakes the baby up and they both just go at it. Brings tears to my eyes to think that I will be having a son soon, and that my son is going to be exactly like Luke. (I can feel it in my bones I am cursed, lol). Well nothing else in life is going on to much. Oh yes, Luke and I are going to be moving to tooele, utah soon. We are just in the middle of house hunting. How everyone likes that. But wish us the best. Hope all is well! God Bless!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Aunts and Uncles

We would both like to say that we love being Aunts and Uncles to all of our great neices and nephews. I went down to Saint George for the week and watched my nephews Lincoln and Peyton. We had a blast! Gage (on the right) is such a sweet heart! Hope mine is just as great if not even greater. lol! Rylee and Bo we had a great time visiting with them. This was them up at the farm. And of course our sweet little Peyton first T-ball game. So fun to watch him play. And thanks kid for helping me out last week. Well we love are of our neices and nephews and hope all is well with everyone.

Farm Life

K... Where to start! This is Coalville (farm). We went up a week ago. Boston is the funniest to watch, fearless, he just goes up to anything and just tries to be friends with it. Luke grew up here. Many childhood memories. There are lots of cows, couple of pigs.. So on and so forth.