Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Boys New Room!

So I have been debating for a long time how I was going to do there room. Something that was big enough for all of there stuff and still enough room for them to play in. What I decided was to give them our master bedroom. I know spoiled right?!... lol! Well really there isn't much of a difference between all the rooms, this bedroom just had the right layout that I wanted. So Luke and I moved all the rooms last weekend, and paid most attention to the boys. I am going through the nesting stage... Hard Core!!! Any-who, it turned out really great. I still have much to do, but it is looking so great already. The "Park Boys", yes I did by myself. I had know idea I had it in me, but I think it turn out great! Thaddeus's bedding is super cute, Thanks Mom he will love it! Elijah's bedding is still coming in the mail somewhere. A special Thanks to my hubby who is putting up with my craziness this past few weeks. I still have much to do before baby gets here, but this was a big one to get done.

Oh, also, how could I forget~ Eli is officially in his own bed!!! What a relieve it is too. He has done so well. The first night was the only night that we had to put him back on his bed after he fell asleep right next to the door. But other then that once we lay him down, he is done for the night. No midnight playing with his toys or anything. He will sing and talk sometimes, but always laying in his bed. Once Luke and I go to bed we set up a gate in front of his door and open it up, so in the morning he will grab his blanket and wait at the gate and call for us. I am proud of you son, I know I am just really lucky with you. Maybe I will get lucky with your brother too!!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gymnastics... March 2010

I know it has been to long since I have blogged. But life for me isn't giving me any breaks! Argh... So while the laundry is being washed I decided I would quickly try to catch up.

Well way back in March my friend Sara and I decided we would put the boys into gymnastics. It was a great idea until we realized we had to make them sit and pay attention the whole time, instead of (which i prefer) them just run around for and hour and call it good. So the pictures I took was from the 1st week. I think I ended up being more exhausted then Eli , but it was alot of fun to see Marek and Eli try to do gymnastics.

Thanks Marek and Sara for doing it with us the one week you came... LOL!