Monday, February 28, 2011

This is a picture of me standing in front of my Hootch. It has been snowing for the last 12 hrs. And the storm is supposed to last 3 days, So i am not excited because it is freakin cold and when the sun comes up it gets super wet and then it is just mud everywhere and that blows.

This other picture, is a picture of my room it is not very big, it is prefect for me and i modified it a little to make sure i had plenty of room. I made a couple of selves, and a cloths rack and a computer Desk. Then i found that metal cabinet for the rest of my stuff. As for the rug looking thing on the wall i bought that from the Locals at a outside flee market they call a bizare. Its not so bad out here i just miss the wife and kids. Love You Guys and Miss You So Much. Love your Daddy and Hubby

This is My buddy Feenie and I working on a broken truck while I was in Curry for a week or so. It was quite the experience. We ripped the front of the truck off and it all start off just to fix the starter but soon turned in to a world of suck.

This is the mountains again, and one with alot of snow its a picture i took on my travels in a helicopter. So its pretty covered with snow as you can tell.

This is another picture of the mountains and a random city in Afghanistan. It is pretty and dry and plain. But it is not quite as sand boxy as i thought it would be. It is actually very pretty and not so bad. I mean if you don't count the bad guy tryin to shot you and take you out. Other than that it pretty nice.


So this Afghanistan, the mountains out here are huge. And as you can see it does look like the dessert in UT/NV.

Friday, February 11, 2011

My Soup and Bread Bowls

Now I just wanted to brag for a minute and show my homemade bread bowls that were amazing. And I made Potato Chowder with it! It turned out amazing and I forgot how much I enjoy making bread! Thanks Sara for the great recipe. I loved making it and especially eating it!

Signing Time LOVER!

My sweet baby Thadeus! I love him more and more everyday.. Thadeus is 8 1/2 months now and is such a joy. He LOVES his older brother Eli, I think more then he loves me... lol! Just today he sat up by himself for the first time today! And has been doing it all day. He has 4 teeth now. The top two and the bottom two. And is seriously the happiest baby! He hates to be left alone in any room. Likes too be in the middle of everything and just observe.

One of is favorite things right now is "Signing Time!" Which is good, we will be watching alot of it for the next couple of years. And it tends to be a little annoying. ha ha! He loves to hear singing, and will try to sing with you. He will smile and laugh and clap his hands anytime he hears a fun songs he likes! I love my little Thadeus, he is truly such a joy in my life. I couldn't imagine life with out him! I love you Thad!

Matching Church Boys!

So funny story... This was in Jan before we left to Clarksville, I think our last Sunday. Anyways, I just wanted to get the boys together in a picture before I changed them out of there clothes. It was first my fault for waiting til after church to take them. But Eli and Thadeus are so funny. You can seriously see how different they really are. Eli was being a stink in probable 95% of the pictures. HE DID NOT WANT TO TAKE A PICTURE! I was trying everything. Lol. But I think it is funny how good a sport Thadeus is!

Now finally I got Eli to corporate with me and he wanted to get Thadeus closer and ended up just putting him in a choke hold.

Thadeus is just so cute!!! Love him!

Had to get a picture of Eli... Even though he is pouting... He is still cute!

Probable the best of them together and it is still not even that great! I love my boys and am really enjoying every minute with them!

Eli is in "PRESCHOOL"

Can you BELIEVE IT! I have a preschooler... LOL! A lady in our ward decided to start up a preschool in her home. So Luke and I decided it would be a good opportunity for Eli to socialize and learn new things. Ms. Tera (Eli's Teacher) incorporates a gospel lesson in it too... He LOVES IT! And I don't think I am expressing enough how much he likes it. The other night we were getting ready for bed and I told him school was in the morning, he was so excited he slept with his backpack! Ha ha! Funny kid.
Now to explain the Elmo backpack, which is not my favorite... We were at Target to pick out a backpack and they did not have a huge selection, so I asked Eli to decide between a plan blue backpack, a red backpack, and the Elmo backpack was right next to it. So he picked that one and LOVES IT!!! Anyways, Eli goes 3 times a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9-12. It has just been so fun to see how excited he is too go. I love my little boy and am slowly seeing him not being so little anymore... (tear...)!

What a sweet Boy! Being so patient with grouchy mom trying to get pictures, even though we were already running late! Love my Eli!