Friday, February 12, 2010

17 Months Today!

Well my big boy is growing up so fast. It is 17 months today! It is crazy how time really flies. Well at 17 months Eli weighs a little over 36 pounds, and is just full of energy. Eli climbs up everything and is so spitting image of his father. Although, he is really a little momma's boy, but never forgets to give his Daddy tons of loves.

Eli and I have been keeping pretty busy while Luke has been at work. We have found ourselves some friends. We have taking a trip or two to the local museum, bounce and play place, etc... Most of all Eli has found himself a best friend, Marek, who is only two weeks older. When they both are together they don't leave each others side. It is so much fun to see them having a blast with one another. Luke and I got lucky enough that Eli can start going to nursery, of course is best bud is there. It is the best thing ever invented. Never realized how amazing it is to be in sunday school/relief society without chasing your kid around trying to keep him quiet, and still try to pay attention.

We are really enjoying this area, and feel truly blessed that we are here. We are enjoying meeting new people and being in new places.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our trip to Georgia!

Well within this busy schedule we have here, we found a nice four day weekend to go visit my parents in Georgia. I did bring my camera hoping to get some pictures, but only took these three pictures, pretty sad on my part. But thats what you get. So we drove down on a Friday, it ended up being about a 5 hour drive. We had lots of fun with my parents, as we always do. Did lots of things, got lost, went to the mall, got lost, went to a cool restuarant in Atlanta, got lost, and last but not least Luke and I went on a much needed date while my mom watched Eli back at the hotel. We went to the movies which is such a treat, we so rarely go. We saw "Avatar" in 3-D. Which was AWESOME! LOVED IT! So romantic and so much cool action. If you haven't seen it, you need to finish reading my blog and go. lol! Anyways Thanks Mom and Dad for an awesome weekend.

Also these pictures are of Eli in the mall riding the fun little rides they have there. Every time we go to a mall he hast to ride them. They are his favorite!

Enjoying Clarksville!

Well.. My blogging has been slacking this last month and apologies to those who are not happy because of that! lol! This last few months have been crazy. All of us are really starting to enjoy this area, and this ward we are in. First off to start, the pictures we have here are from a little walk way path we found on the side of the river. If you look at them you can diffidently tell we are on the east coast. I went a little picture happy, trying to be somewhat of a photographer. But don't have as great of skills as my dear sister.
We enjoyed the walk along, as well as the dogs. Speaking of, I have great news, Ms. Bailey is finally spayed! No applause needed, but yes we are all pretty excited about it. All I have to say is that Bailey did only what she was made for, procreating, lol, so all of you 15 puppies I hope you are all well and have good homes. As for Bailey she has a long life to live with the good ol' Park clan, no matter what Luke says.

My two handsome boys! One more on the way.

My studly husband. I took this picture so you can see the cool bridge in the back.

This is a horrid picture of me. But I thought I would post it so you can see our cute little family!