Friday, January 1, 2010

Puppies and Eli

Well i wanted to post one more before I am done. Just forgotten pictures. Here are the 6 puppies that Bailey and some random yorkie had. They are really too cute!!! And last is Eli just being cute. Loves to wear Daddy's hats around the house.

Just Some Random Stuff....

Here is my latest pregnant picture. This is at 19 weeks.

This is cute Daddy and Elijah in there new sweaters for church. Thanks Nana and Papa, and Landon. We love the cute sweaters, and they just so happen to match together.

Mommy and Eli... Too Precious! And below we have little Eli climbing into his toy box just being silly, and Eli posing in his new clothes. Too cute! My little model!! The last one shows Eli's teeth, he has been miserable the past couple of weeks, he has had all four 12 year old molar's come in. Poor kid!