Thursday, July 22, 2010

Well, First off I would like to Thank Luke for the previous posts... hint hint the postings with no explainations ;) . Second, I would like to apologize for not posting earlier, I have been a little busy having babies and all. I guess I will start of from the beginning.... On May 23rd, 2010 we went to the hospital and had them break my water to help induce labor. 3 hours later of pain, 5 minutes of pushing my sweet baby boy Thadeus Luke was born. It was a great day and has been so much fun having him here with us. I enjoy every day with my sweet baby. He turns 2 months tomorrow. Time is really flying by! He isn't sleeping through the night just yet and i am crossing my fingers that maybe he will soon.

Today was a special day, both boys had matching outfits... SO CUTE! I am in LOVE. Eli was not being very cooperative when Sara and I were taking pictures, so we got very few with him and Thadeus together... GRRRR... Although Eli loves being an older brother, he helps out when ever he can and always wants to know where the baby is. I am just waiting for the day where they can play with each other, but am enjoying watching Eli take care of his younger brother.

Elijah will be turning 2 in the next little bit and he is just getting bigger by the day. He is talking lots, repeats everything anyone says... And most of all is exactly like his father. Luke and Eli are partners in crime. I have to watch both of them make sure they aren't getting in to much trouble. Other then just being a family, we are just enjoying every minute we have together...!
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