Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blitz Game

Well Saturday we went to the first official game of the Saint George Blitz. Becky was the cheerleader/dancer. It was alot of fun! Becky looked HOTT!

Update on Luke!

This is my Sexy Man in Uniform. Looks real happy doesn't he. Wish he would smile, picture would look way hotter. Well... Luke is doing really well. Received a video of him on Sunday. The couple missionaries took the picture and sent the video. How sweet are they!?. Haven't heard from Luke in a while but it comes with this decision we have made. The last letter from Luke he was doing really well, and is totally a different man, in a good way. This has been a really great experience for him, he is learning a lot through this experience. Let me know if you guys have any questions. But overall we are all well! Love ya all! MUAH!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It has been a very long two weeks since Luke has been gone, but Eli and I have been keeping busy, really our schedule is always full, which is always good. We have been swimming lots. Eli sure loves to swim.
Luke is doing really well... Loves the physical part, and says all around it isn't so bad. He just says he can't stand alot of the people there. He had a great experience at church on sunday. And was able to get a blessing from the missionarys. There is a wonderful couple missionary who I have talked too, they sure are a blessing. They have been helping Luke out alot. Well hope all is well. Peace out! lol

Monday, March 16, 2009

Missing Home

Sorry haven't updated in a while... Luke is officially in the army! We are very excited and ready to get this boot camp and training over with. Luke is in reception right now and doesn't officially start basic till Friday, March 20th. He is pretty excited and I think really liking it. He was home sick for the first couple of days. But now is getting used to being away. Luke really misses Eli and is really sad to miss his first year. Good News though, we found out that when Luke goes to AIT, I will be able to visit him on the weekends. So I figure I will go visit him every other week or so. Well that is the plan anyways. SO.. To sum it up Luke is doing really well, getting to know the army life. Don't have any addresses yet but will post it when I find out. Which he says he will find out the first day of boot camp. So wish him luck. Hope you are all well. Eli and I are doing GREAT! Well.. as good as we can be!