Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcome Home Daddy!!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Our 4 year Anniversary!

This is a little late, but on June 23rd, Luke and I hit our 4 year Anniversary. We weren't able to be together this year because of his deployment. The time has gone by so quickly and we both have endured so much with each other. We have 2 wonderful boys, have joined the US Army, lived all around the states, and then everything in between. I had to pull some of the pics from our wedding day and some other ones I found of us together. Which I have noticed we don't take many pictures of us together. Which will be my new goal to get alot more taken of us in the future...

Now as deployment is coming to an end.. Can you believe it, it has almost been a whole year since he has left. Anyways, we are so much stronger from it. I have decided deployment can either make a couple or brake them. In our case we are so much stronger from it. We are so much in love with each other then ever before. And both excited to hold one another again.

Well, I love you honey. And can't wait for the many years of torturing to come... LOL! Eternity Baby! Happy Anniversary Honey! XOXOXOXO See you soon!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thadeus Luke park

I have been a nursery worker for the past 6 months or so. So with Luke gone I have had to take Thadeus in with me. And he just loves it! He plays with all the big kids who all seem to love him. All of them will take care of him and they all call him Baby Thadeus! Love my little baby who seems to be growing up like his brother.. Too fast!

Eli's hat!

Every time it rains Eli does this to his shirt and calls it his hat!!! Haha funny kid!

Character Brunch

We went to a character brunch today, which is basically a meet and greet for all the Super Heros and Disney Princesses! Eli thought it was pretty cool. He was scared of Hulk and Shrek! lol and I think his favorite was either Iron Man or Spider Man. My favorite was Iron Man!!! We had a blast but it lost Elis attention quicker then I thought so we weren't there for very long. But we enjoyed it while we were there!

Of course....Iron Man!

Spider man!!!

Captain America!

Funny story! I tired to get him to take a picture with Belle and he was mad that I would make him do that!!! Haha! Not the greatest picture but it is to funny!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thadeus's 1st Birthday!

Can you believe it!!! It has been a whole year since I was in Labor and Delivery getting ready to have my second baby boy Thadeus Luke Park! He has brought me so much joy in such a hard and challenging year. He has such a sweet and loving spirit. I know he will grow up to be something special. I am so proud to be his mother and excited for the years to come.

Now to his Little Birtday Party we had. I was just planning on just having cake for Thadeus to dig into, but my dear friend Milissa Merrill insisted on having it at her house. So we did. I went there and she had cute decorations up and balloons. It was a nice surprise to see how much she cared. We had a nice BBQ with Milissa, Hazel, and Milissas family (mom and dad and sister Annie, who I am good friends with as well). Now before I get ahead of myself I will explain why we call Thadeus, "KING THADEUS!" It is simply because he thinks and acts like he is King! lol But seriously, he would not feed himself until a few weeks before his birthday, not because he couldn't do it, only because he didn't want too. So that is why we started the King Thadeus nickname! Which he still holds today!

Here is a sweet picture of my sweet baby boy!

Singing Happy Birthday! Look at that sweet face. He loved us singing to him.

King Thadeus would not touch the cake! lol He looked at it and just did not want to get dirty.

He would only eat it if we feed it to him... hahahahaha My KING THADEUS!!!

I finally pushed his hand in the cake. He wasn't happy that I did that! But what is a 1st Birthday without a messy 1 year old covered in cake.

One of the only times he actually feed himself.

Hazel and Eli were not shy with helping him out. They enjoyed eating cake with there hands.

Older brother helping him out!

Thadeus hates wearing hats! Takes them right off! But had to get a picture of it on him!

He was done. Mad that he was messy!
This is him all done!~ Not much of a mess! lol Afterward we opened presents, which grandparents and friends were very nice to get Thadeus so much. He got puzzles, cars, outfits, toys, a dragon walking toy, special car toys from disneyland, and a wagon from DAD! Spoiled rotten! Thank you all for your presents. Thadeus loves all of them. And Bonus Eli seems to think they are all for him!

Well I just want to end with saying how much I love being a mother and a wife to my amazing boys! Time is going by so quickly! I love my growing family and am so grateful to be sealed to them for all eternity. What an amazing blessing. Something I thank the Lord for everyday!
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Garden!

Just wanted to show what I have been working on lately. The first pics are of the front yard. I weeded, planted flowers, and layed down mulch. It was alot of hard work but worth it... I think it looks really nice. Lets see how long the flowers survive!
The next to pictures is my pride and joy... It is my first garden in my backyard. My good friends Sara and Chaz (my neighbors) have been so kind to help me out on it. Chaz built a compost pile (you can see it in the back by the fence). We planted all of our spring veggies. Which include but not limited too... 3 kinds of Peas, carrots, spinach, radishes, onions, strawberries, broccoli... And we will plant more in a month or so. They have already started to sprout. I am hoping that it turns out. It has been such a learning experience for me and have had so much fun working on it. Can't wait til next year when I get Luke to help me out with it!

PS. I have posted lots of pictures, so make sure you click older posts at the bottom to see it all... Sorry not to much writing not much in a writing mood. ENJOY!

PPS... Luke, I love you and miss you.. Hope these pictures bring you joy and hope. Can't wait to hold you in my arms in a few months. It is almost over! I love you and will Love you FOREVER AND ALWAYS!!!! XOXOXoxoxoXOOXXO
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Thadeus Luke

My sweet baby boy! Love him to death... He found this mirror in my room and stared at it forever. He talked to it, hit it and much more. It was too funny to not post! He is 10 months tomorrow and is just so much fun to be around. Such an easy going kid, always happy, and very content with whats going on around him! He just started to crawl a few weeks ago and is sure proud of himself. Love him and his blue eyes that just melt me everytime I look at him!
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Our Walk!

The boys and I decided to go on a walk.. They are wearing the outfits Luke brought home during R&R from afghanistan. Eli loves Boston and Bailey (our dogs), and is a good helper to walk them for me. One day I will be able to just send him out to do it by himself. Not anytime soon though. lol!
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Loving the outdoors.

Its SPRING!!! And we are loving every minute of this nice weather and loving our new backyard. In the mornings Eli will go and get cars and open the door to let Thadeus crawl out to play with him. And they will just sit there and play with there cars together. They are such good friends and brothers. I love them so much!
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