Tuesday, July 15, 2008

32 WEEKS! Almost done cooking....

I know I am freaking hillarious. I am not as big as the lady below. But as you can see I am pretty darn out there. People keep asking me if I am having twins. How Rude! No joke Becky is even a witness. Well here is the lasted picture of me. Even though I hate looking at it. Eli seems to be doing great, already giving his mother hell. (So much like Luke)!

New Pictures

This is my recent photo. Holy crap am I big.. I was pretty brave wearing an "intsy winsy yellow polka dot bikini." Just kidding a new picture of me will be posted as soon as I remember to take one... OR when I look a little half decent. She makes me feel tiny... But I really am not!


Hope everyone is well. Things here are pretty busy and very stressful! This last weekend we went on our yearly river rafting trip. No worries about me out there... I sat on my butt this weekend, no rafting/four wheeling for me. (lucky me)! My little sister came up and went with us. It was sure fun to see her again. Luke and Becky sure had a blast.
WELL... 8 MONTHS pregnant and still going. counting every single day down. Hoping he will decide to come at the right moment. You know when we are ready. We are both stressing and when I say we I really mean ME! Stressing hoping we can find a home and have everything we need for our son. Life sure is so fun. I am getting really excited/anxious to see what he looks like. To see what Luke and I created together! Even though life is so rocky I can't wait to see my first born child. I know he will be perfect in every way. If you ask me if all the stress is worth it...., of course it is. I would do it over again any day!