Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Deployment is over!!

Well... Where to start?!. Luke was deployed for a whole year. So this was so exciting going and picking him up at the hanger. They didn't come in until late at night. We were able to see the plane land and all the soldiers walk off the plane. Eli was so excited to see his Dad! When they were walking of the plane, a lot of the children started to scream "Daddy!" Eli turned to all of them and yelled, "No it's MY DAD!" haha! He was so excited. It was so hott even at night. It was close to 100 degrees, and we waited 2-3 hours before they even showed up. So we were all pretty sweaty when they got there. By the time it was all done and over with we walked into the house at around 4 in the morning. So we were all exhausted. But so excited to have him home.
I gave the boys a mo-hawk, Eli was pretty stoked to have such cool hair.

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