Friday, July 8, 2011

Our 4 year Anniversary!

This is a little late, but on June 23rd, Luke and I hit our 4 year Anniversary. We weren't able to be together this year because of his deployment. The time has gone by so quickly and we both have endured so much with each other. We have 2 wonderful boys, have joined the US Army, lived all around the states, and then everything in between. I had to pull some of the pics from our wedding day and some other ones I found of us together. Which I have noticed we don't take many pictures of us together. Which will be my new goal to get alot more taken of us in the future...

Now as deployment is coming to an end.. Can you believe it, it has almost been a whole year since he has left. Anyways, we are so much stronger from it. I have decided deployment can either make a couple or brake them. In our case we are so much stronger from it. We are so much in love with each other then ever before. And both excited to hold one another again.

Well, I love you honey. And can't wait for the many years of torturing to come... LOL! Eternity Baby! Happy Anniversary Honey! XOXOXOXO See you soon!

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Natalie Bergquist said...

What a sweet post. I love it!!! If you were around here I'd take pics of you two together everywhere we were. I always have my camera on hand! And amen to the make or break. So glad your relationship has been blessed and strengthened. Love you guys!